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Dryer vent cleaning services for all

This page contains tips on air duct cleaning. It informs and educates.

Check the air ducts of the new house

When you are examining the house you want to buy or rent, don't forget to check the condition of the air ducts, too. If you sense some bad odors, you should be suspicious about moisture and filthy ducts. It would mean that air duct cleaning or even air duct replacement is required before you step foot in the house.

How to heal a sick HVAC system

Problematic air ducts and HVAC units are responsible for sick homes, high energy bills and aggravated indoor air quality at home. Air duct cleaning will definitely freshen up the environment and improve your health. Energy consumption can be regulated with air duct repair according to our experts. Your family, house and pocket will be healthy once more.

How to do air duct cleaning service alone

You must be patient because the procedure is long but the results of proper air duct cleaning will actually compensate your efforts. You need to disconnect all air duct parts and clean each part properly. It would be a great chance to search for possible damages and seal cracks. For better results, take care of the HVAC unit cleaning as well.

If the laundry room is hot and steamy, check the dryer vent

These are signs that the vent is clocked with lint and has to be cleaned. In some cases, the vent may be damaged too. It will need immediate repair or replacement depending on how bad the damage is. The vent cover may require more thorough cleaning. If it is in bad condition, it should be replaced.

Use high-efficiency HVAC air filters if you have kids, smokers and/or pets at home

This is an effective way to keep the indoor air quality high despite the presence of tar, pet dandruff and other dangerous particles. A furnace filter with a MERV rating of 10 or higher should do a good job. Disposable air filters should be replaced more frequently in any of these circumstances.


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