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Air Duct Replacement

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As experienced home air duct cleaning specialists, we promise clean ducts and therefore clean indoor environments. We don't play with our customers' health. We work with great professionals, invest in the most reliable machinery and make sure that the duct and HVAC units are properly cleaned. We offer dryer vent air system cleaning and thorough dryer vent kitchen exhaust hood services. We specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC unit, change the air filters, maintain the ducts and also offer repair services. We have a trained staff for the repair needs of ducts, seal them meticulously and also provide air duct replacement. Our company is the one to trust for your duct needs.

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The local authorities are very peculiar and strict with issues associated with the environment and a recent law about the installation of ventilation systems in each building is passed. At the same time, there are many older houses, which have much older air ducts and the air quality testing procedures can show the existence of contaminants in the indoor environment. The most usual ones are mold, dust mites and carbon dioxide and the services of our team can contribute to their extermination and the amelioration of the atmosphere. We follow the latest development and changes in legislation about matters concerning our field and we can base our excellent services, which will clean the air of your property, on the latest information, equipment and tremendous knowledge.

Even if you buy a new ventilation or HVAC unit, air needed for its operation will still go through the same air ducts dragging along the hazardous microorganisms and particles. At the same time, old installations have a great difference than the current ones and the probable damages may require more energy consumption. In this case, even if you replace air duct filter, you won’t have the desired results since the great quantities of dirt and the damages are found farther away from the filters and continue obstructing the proper circulation of needed air. Dirt, dust, bad insulation and damaged materials are serious obstacles for the good performance of the system; the unit will realize the shortage of air and will work more hours without producing the right temperatures. This way, you will keep paying increased bills, the natural atmosphere will keep being contaminated, and the temperature in your room will keep being far from the expected one.

Our firm has the best technicians and outstanding infrastructure that can result to an excellent air duct cleaning, but the damaged air ducts will soon cause you the same problems. Your health will not be at stake, but the energy consumption and the regulation of the temperature in your office or house will not be at your hands. They will actually need more radical solutions. In cases that the materials are old and damaged, the best and most permanent solution is air duct replacement that will eventually help you save money since you will be spending much less for energy and your HVAC system will last longer. Another benefit of the replacement is the chance to get new products, which are more durable and made with first class materials; this will ensure their long lasting and minimize the needs for maintenance services.

Our company Air Duct Cleaning Berkeley works with specialized technical advisors for matters concerning the purchase and planning of the new installation and capable technicians for the actual technical work in accordance with the latest laws and specifications.

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